Refugees access to essentials services is inadequate and  their rights are not fully realized; Refugee women, youths and children’s psycho-social, health, educational and economical empowerment needs are not met to the fullest, and their orientation to relevant governing laws and policies need to be popularized.

Our strategic areas of focus


Education is both a human right in itself and an indispensable means of realizing other human rights. Education promots human rights and democracy, protecting the environment, and controlling population growth. Mbeleni believes that education is one component of a rapid response, providing immediate protection to children and preventing human rights violations.

Sexual and Reproductive Health rights

Everyone is entitled to reproductive health services which is a basis for having healthy children, intimate relationships and happy families. Because women and young people often face barriers in trying to get the information about reproductive health, and care they need, women and adolescent reproductive health is an important focus of Mbeleni.


After a dramatic reduction in HIV prevalence following an early comprehensive HIV prevention campaign, between 2003-2006 there are signs that the number of people living with HIV in the country may be starting to rise again. Mbeleni would like to contribute  to efforts towards  reversing this trend.

Psychosocial support

Complex emergencies can have a variety of psychosocial, trauma and mental health consequences for survivors. Refugee children, youth and families have got very many psychological challenges. They have seen their family members die, others are separated from them, and others are on the run even in the countries of asylum.

Human Rights, Good governance and peace building

Mbeleni’s special emphasis is laid on interventions that generally address Human rights and earmarking of substantial investments in the areas relating to especially good governance, peace building and awareness to reduce gender based violence. Mbeleni is advocating for the adequate implementation of the policies that address Human Rights issues.

Economic Empowerment

Mbeleni Foundation is dedicated to empowering women and youth economically. Our initiatives include skills training, financial resources, mentorship, market access, networking, and financial education. By nurturing entrepreneurship and self-reliance, we aim to uplift individuals and their communities, fostering a stronger, more prosperous future for all. Join us in making a meaningful impact.