The journey started in 2003, by Sarah Dryden-Peterson,  a then Harvard PHD student who conducted a 3-year longitudinal comparative study in Ugandan refugee settlements entitled "The role of education in the local integration of Refugees in Uganda". The study was carried out in Kyaka II and Nakivale refugee settlements and in greater Kampala among Urban Refugees.  The study revealed that there was lack of access to quality education among refugees  and their host communities. Sarah gave back to the study participants (refugees and national children) by supporting then in their studies.   Sarah, the now professor at Harvard University  Graduate School of Education  and Director of Refugee REACH Initiative continues to be the honorary and founding member of Mbeleni Foundation. https://www.gse.harvard.edu/faculty/sarah-dryden-peterson,


Our Objectives

  • To increase access to essential services among populations affected by conflict, disease and poverty.
  • To create awareness on the plight of conflict affected populations to stakeholders.
  • To promote education and skills among children, women and youth.
  • To advocate for alternative measures that improve livelihoods of conflict affected communities.
  • To conduct community outreaches that create awareness on reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, and non-communicable diseases.
  • To  promote human rights among populations affected by conflict, disease and poverty.

Meet our Team