Our Board of Directors

Franchesca N. Kakooza (FCG), Chairperson Board.

Francesca, CEO and Managing Consultant at Leading Boards, Africa, is a legal and governance expert with an MBA from UMI. Over 14 years, she's enriched national and multinational boards across Africa. Her affiliations include the International Bar Association and the Chartered Governance Institute (UK). On key boards like World Vision Uganda and Vision Fund Uganda, she leads governance, nominations, and human resource committees. Francesca's passion lies in leveraging governance to foster high-performance organizations.


Dr. Grace Kansiime (PhD)

Grace, is an esteemed educationalist,  who possesses a wealth of experience in various roles within academic institutions. Grace holds a Bachelor's Degree in Arts with Education and a Master's in Educational Management and a PhD in Education from  Nelson Mandela University. She currently serves as a Senior University Lecturer while leading the Department of Professional Studies and Curriculum Design and Development Committee. Her expertise in education management will be pivotal in advancing the educational initiatives at Mbeleni Foundation.

Dickson Tumuramye

Dickson Tumuramye, armed with a Bachelor's degree in Arts and a Master's in Development Studies, brings over 15 years of experience to Mbeleni. A multifaceted professional, he excels as a researcher, child advocate, parenting coach, and columnist in esteemed newspapers. His expertise spans organizational development, child advocacy, and donor fund management. Additionally, he offers valuable skills in financial management, counseling, resource mobilization, and fundraising, making him a pivotal asset to Mbeleni's initiatives.


Enoch Asiimwe

Enoch, currently a PhD Fellow, brings a wealth of management experience from various organizations to Mbeleni Foundation. With a background in program management, he has served at prominent organizations including Lend a Hug Uganda (LAHU), Sense International, Salvation Army Uganda Territory, Catholic Relief Services, and Plan International – Uganda. Introduced to Mbeleni during the early stages of his PhD journey, Enoch's research interest in urban refugees was sparked by Mbeleni's work and association. He is eager to make a substantial contribution to the Mbeleni team, an institution dedicated to advancing the well-being of vulnerable populations.

Hellen Kyomuhangi Kamuli

Hellen, a seasoned professional in Administration and Human Resource, honed her skills during her tenure at Makerere University School of Public Health and later at the Parliamentary Pension Scheme in the Parliament of Uganda. As a well-rounded board member of the Mbeleni Foundation, she offers expertise in Administration, Human Resource, and Procurement, accumulated since 2004. Hellen's valuable experience includes setting up organizational systems, a vital component of modern organizational success.

Peggie Ayesiga

Peggie is a dedicated legal professional and a key figure in Uganda's Office of the Prime Minister, where she serves as the National Coordination Mechanism for Migration Officer. With a legal background and extensive postgraduate training in legal practice, she specializes in International Refugee Law and Refugee Status Determination (RSD). Peggie's multifaceted role includes involvement in the Refugee Appeals Board, Refugee Engagement Forum, Anti-Trafficking Task Force, and National Coordination Mechanism for Migration. Her expertise extends to immigration intelligence, humanitarian law, and refugee protection.

Susan Nanduddu

Susan is a dedicated climate change adaptation professional driven by a passion for empowering less-privileged individuals to comprehend development concepts and break free from poverty. She embarked on her journey as a volunteer for a non-profit organization after her first degree and has remained committed to the cause ever since. Currently, she leads the team at the African Centre for Trade and Development (ACTADE) in Uganda, where they empower communities to influence policy and practice for sustainable development, with a focus on governance, climate action, and trade empowerment.


Sheila Nabachwa

Sheila, the Deputy Director of Programs at the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI), is a passionate human rights advocate and legal expert. With a background in law, she leads comprehensive program initiatives addressing diverse human rights concerns, fostering positive societal change. Her work is dedicated to promoting justice, gender equality, and civil liberties, empowering marginalized communities, and holding authorities accountable for a more just and inclusive society.


Dennis Serunkuma

Not only is Dennis a highly qualified accountant, but also a distinguished leader with a wealth of experience primarily in the realm of Non-Governmental and Nonprofit Organizations. His leadership journey within these sectors has equipped him with the skills and insights needed to drive positive change and impactful social and humanitarian initiatives, making him a valuable asset in the pursuit of meaningful community and societal development.


Victoria Nabisenke

Victoria, a very accomplished team member and seasoned Prosecutor with a rich background in criminal justice is part of Mbeleni Foundation too. With expertise in prosecution, legal writing, and human rights law, she's a valuable asset. Graduated from Makerere University and Uganda Management Institute, her exceptional skills in dispute resolution and administration make her a vital addition to the Foundation.