that led to the closure of schools for close to two years. The project looked at the children and
youth health, social and physical safety, their leadership at the self-created pitches and who is
accountable while there. We reached out to 50 direct beneficiaries, 35 were children, 15 youth
and 5 girls. All the girls were children This was a pilot project that portrayed a need for
organizational and psycho-social support for the children and Youth. We are continuing to
mobilize resources with hope to continue with this project in future given that children and youth
got used to their game and social networks, a routine that they may likely keep when they are
back from school for holidays. The soft skills we passed on will still be relevant in this post
COVID era.
Mbeleni implemented the leadership project to promote the well-being of refugee women, young
girls and host communities through leadership skills building to enable them rebuild their lives
and their families. This mentorship project was tailored to change the mind-set that women are
not good in leadership. 20 women were reached out directly with a multiplier effect reaching
more women in the community.
Mbeleni believes in movement building, collaboration, networking and capacity building.
Mbeleni has worked on partnering with like-mind organizations for purposes of collaboration in
activities that are in line with our objectives. We cherish participatory approaches to strengthen
actions that are geared towards securing the wellbeing of vulnerable communities and bring
sustainable and transformational change.